Free books, 2nd quarterly of 2016

Cleaning up the attic, and look what I found - books.


List of books

  1. "Programming Embedded Systems with C and GNU Development Tools" 2nd ed., M.Barr & A. Massa (O'Reilly)
  2. [GONE] "C handboek", B. Kernighan & D. Ritchie (Prentice Hall)
  3. "C++ Programming Language" 3rd ed., B. Stroustrup (Addison Wesley)
  4. [GONE] "Linux Assembly Language Programming" w/o CD-ROM, B. Neveln (Prentice Hall)
  5. "Universal Serial Bus System Architecture" 2nd ed., D. Anderson (Addison Wesley)
  6. "Fundamentals of Object-Oriented Design in UML", M. Page-Jones (Addison Wesley)
  7. "Programming Perl" 2nd ed., L. Wall, T. Christiansen & R. Schwartz (O'Reilly)
  8. "C++ Template Metaprogramming", D. Abrahams & A. Gurtovoy (Addison Wesley)
  9. [GONE] "UNIX Network Programming - Interprocess Communications (Vol.2)" 2nd ed., W. Richard Stevens (Prentice Hall)
  10. [GONE] "Understanding the Linux Kernel" 3rd ed., D. Bovet & M. Cesati (O'Reilly)

These will be gone in say a week from now. (Now = 2016-04-17.)