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RC2019/03 (RetroChallenge, March 2019): info-animation for the HomeComputerMuseum (again/still)

This page describes in some detail my effort for the Retro Challence 2019/03 event.

TL;DR = make an informational demo/intro/animation for the HomeComputerMuseum in Helmond (.nl). running on a Commodore 64 ("C64"). The demo-program will be hosted on some sort of EPROM/EEPROM/flash cartridge.

I already worked a bit on this "project" during RC2018/09, but didn't get far. So this time I'll try to finish it. WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG!


Background: HomeComputerMuseum, and why this mini-project

The HomeComputerMuseum is an interactive computer-museum in the center of Helmond, in the south-east of the Netherlands, opened in 2017.

The museum is located on a street with fairly much pedestrian-traffic, but it's possible to walk by without even knowing what is there, or knowing what the museum is all about.

Since a number of spare C64s + monitors are available, it is perhaps a good idea to place one behind the window facing the passers-by, running some sort of attract-screen in the form of a flashy demo/intro. (Colours, logo, movement, pictures, text.) The idea is to capture the attention of pedestrians, and give them a quick idea of what they can find inside.

The C64 can run ROM-cartridges plugged into its cartridge-port. The idea is to put the attract-screen code on some sort of mini-cartridge, so the C64 will display it automatically at power-on. The cartridge-hardware can be something existing or homebrew (EEPROM/flash + PCB).

The attract-screen code will be made in 6510/6502 assembly, and will be at most 16 kb in size (the largest program-size a simple cartridge can host). It will contain flashy graphics to catch peoples attention, but won't contain sound.

Baseline: what did I already do for RC2018/09?

What am I planning to do for RC2019/03?

Progress & status (in chronological order)