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Indeed. Warning: fluffy story ahead.

In fact I'll try to keep the fluff to a minimum.


Slightly inspired by this or similar article I stumbled upon, combined with the fact that I am now 40 years old, made me take 3 bags of popcorn-kernels and a calculator.


Let's say a person in this country (the Netherlands) has a life-expectancy of roughly 80 years, the latter 5 of which are lived in suboptimal conditions (which is an uninformed guesstimate).

So let's say I can reasonably enjoy life up to the age of 75 years. That would correspond to 35 years, or about 12775 days, remaining from today onwards.

Whereas the original article used 1 marble for each week(end), I think I prefer a higher resolution - that is, days. 12775 marbles take up a lot of space, so let's find something smaller.

After trying and dismissing grains of rice, I settled on corn kernels, 12775 of which would fit almost exactly into a large jar I got for free somewhere:

(To fill it up, I counted a glass full of corn kernels (about 1600 in a glass), and poured 8 glassfulls of kernels into the jar.)

In front of the jar are, from left to right, an AA battery, a "day", a "week", a "month" and a "year".

Now what?

What blew my mind is how many days are left, considering how small a "handfull of weeks" feels. Knowing that one can do a lot in a single day, there must be something here.

Oh well.

Let's see how long this will last - what I want to do is take one kernel out of the jar each day in the morning (or whenever I get up), toss it away, and perhaps do something useful that day.


I have no idea about the shelf-life of popcorn-kernels. What I think will happen is that they will dry out and consume less space, but won't disintegrate.

We will see - in the worst case, I can restart using a more permanent medium at any point in time.