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Craft and decorative things that I made.

Mainly non-animated, non-electronic things that are useful or look nice. In reverse chronological order.

Items from before 2024 were originally posted on my Twitter account, which I no longer update or use.

2022-06-02: Pacman figurines lasercut and -engraved out of MDF, and painted with acrylic paint.

2022-06-01: lasercut cat paws out of cork sheet with adhesive backing.

2022-05-01: lasercut and -engraved dolphin out of spruce, I think.

2021-11-08: keychain for get-together event, lasercut and -engraved out of spruce, I think.

2018-01-13: PCB stencil by lasercutting sticker sheet.

2017-09-15: Game of Life glider symbol for printing on T-shirts.

2016-11-25: lasercut sheet corner fasteners, using lasercut PETG (I think).

2016-11-11: Qibec CPU game controller enclosure, using lasercut acrylic.