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How I make simple yet tasty (vegetarian) fried rice

Rationale: I don't cook often, so when I do, I tend to have forgotten the list of, and order and amount of ingredients, and method of preparing.

So there - this page is here to prevent that.

List of ingredients

(Amount of each ingredient follows from size of container - I know which is which. This is enough for 2 big servings, or 3 of the smaller plates shown here.)

mushrooms (note that I like big chunks rather than tiny slices):

bean sprouts:

bell pepper:

lettuce ("ijsbergsla"):

tom yam cube (2x):

and 5 eggs, of which 1 or 2 (or none) contain yolk:

    ()  ()  ()  ()  ()


First of all, start cooking the rice: 15 mins in microwave:

In the meanwhile, use a liberal amount of olive oil, and first make the omelette: fry, then put aside. (I'm assuming I have 1 pan to do everything.)

Again, add liberal amount of oil, and fry mushrooms:

Add bell pepper when mushrooms are almost done frying:

Mushrooms and bell pepper cells start to break down (I guess) and release fluid. Stir-fry a bit more, and then add bean sprouts, and immediately 2 tom yam cubes; crush these in the mushroom / bell pepper fluid, and stir so that contents are distributed evenly. Then cook for a few more minutes:

Put the vegetables aside (on top of the omelette for instance).

Add liberal amount of oil, take cooked rice, and stir-fry so that kernels are separated and oily:

After a few minutes of stir-frying, add vegetables and omelette. Hack omelette into bits violently, then stir-fry for a minute or so:

Distribute lettuce at the bottom of plate(s):

Put fried rice and vegetables on top:

Enjoy the meal.