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Simplified handwriting

This is an overview of differences between 2 styles of (my) handwriting. May or may not benefit you.

TL;DR = simplified / new one suits me better. It's not faster, but feels much more convenient to write.

A is for Alphabet

For some months now (2017-11-08) I've changed my handwriting from this:

...to this:

Differences are obvious: I tried to omit all unnecessary strokes while avoiding ambiguity between individual letters.

No magic involved, and not the only way this can be done, I guess.

Sample-text and timing

Below follows a little comparison: I wrote a random paragraph from a random book in either style as fast as I could while still writing legibly, with breaks in between to avoid strain.

TL;DR = "old" and "new" styles are/were about equally fast, almost to the second. However, the new style felt more relaxed while writing even then, and especially now.

(Perhaps noteworthy is that this was done relatively early in the "switch" - way too much thinking was involved while writing in the new style. Right now, months after this test, writing in the new style has become much more natural, and hardly involves thinking.)

Old style (time indicated as minutes:seconds):

...and new style:

(Text written nowadays looks better than this, BTW.)


That's all. :-)