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Technical stuff that I made.

Below are some electronic or mechanical things that I made, in reverse chronological order.

Items from before 2024 were originally posted on my Twitter account, which I no longer update or use.

2021-01-14: light-sensitive USB power switch: connected device turns off when ambient light turns off.

2021-01-10: LED driver for shining light into the edges of 2 transparent acrylic sheets placed behind one another.

2021-01-10: light animation by shining different colours into 2 transparent acrylic sheets placed behind one another.

2020-12-13: wireframe star LED animation as Christmas decoration, using homebrew 32-channel driver PCB.

2020-12-13: blue spiky ball LED animation at old office building as Christmas decoration.

2020-12-06: DMX controller for single VGA monitor - turn monitor into one big RGB pixel.

2020-05-15: WS281x LED driver with SD card slot.

2020-05-13: planet LED decoration, using lasercut and -engraved acrylic sheets and 3D-printed planet center.

2020-03-27: digital amplifier box with open collector and push-pull outputs.

2020-02-18: metal enclosure for rheostat load, using DIY store parts and lasercut aluminium plates.

2020-03-03: 32-channel LED driver PCB.

2019-08-08: LED strip animation around a pillar.

2019-06-21: LED strip animation under coffee table.

2019-05-11: oscilloscope X/Y animation for fair.

2019-03-12: animation using VGA monitors as big RGB pixels.

2019-03-09: cheap disco projector hack.

2019-02-07: driver to use 4 VGA monitors as big RGB pixels.

2018-08-29: wearable version of Qibec 1-bit transistor CPU.

2018-03-03: new version of Qibec 1-bit transistor CPU.

2018-01-20: new Qibec CPU module PCBs.

2018-01-13: PCB stencil by lasercutting sticker sheet.

2017-12-23: old Qibec CPU displaying Christmas animation.

2017-12-01: mains dummy load using power resistor PCBs and PC enclosure.

2017-11-13: Bait-a-Cart, Commodore 64 cartridge adapter PCB.

2017-04-24: mains devices in lasercut wooden enclosures.

2017-04-23: 4-channel digital I/O box for testing.

2016-12-01: old Qibec CPU interface/bridge PCB.

2016-11-30: old Qibec 1-bit CPU.

2016-11-25: lasercut sheet corner fasteners, using lasercut PETG (I think).

2016-11-11: Qibec CPU game controller enclosure, using lasercut acrylic.

2016-09-14: Qibec 1-bit CPU project, table setup for Maker Faires in Germany.

2016-08-24: FTDI USB serial bridge module.

2016-05-21: bitbang FTDI AVR microcontroller programmer.

2016-03-26: my first Atari VCS "hello world" program.

2013: home-etched LED ring PCB.