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How I make simple yet tasty (vegetarian) rice/bean/mushroom/egg/tomyam wraps

Another great recipe. This tastes really brilliant and is relatively easy to cook. I'm not saying you will be done eating in 20 minutes, but you will be eating in 20 minutes.

List of ingredients

You will need:

a pack of 6 wrap-sheets:

a can of kidney-beans:

3 eggs (I use 1 yolk in total):

relatively small bit of rice:

mushrooms - half a box will do:

lettuce ("ijsbergsla") - half a packet will do:

2 tomatoes:

1 tom yam spices cube:


At t=0, add water to rice, place rice in microwave, and set it to 15 minutes, medium intensity (I guess that's 400 W).

When done, heat up the pan. I use a classic electric stove, so this takes a while.

While that's going on, cut the tomatoes and mushrooms into bits:

Then put olive oil into pan, and toss in the mushrooms.

While mushrooms are frying, take the eggs, put them in a bowl, mix violently with fork. I toss away 2 yolks, because I value my heart and arteries.

When the eggs are mixed, move mushrooms over to "their half of the arena", and pour egg-mix into the other half:


At this point, the microwave timer still has about 4 minutes to go:

When the egg is fried a bit, cut it into pieces with a spatula, mix with mushrooms, put mushroom/egg mix aside, add a bit of water (50 ml or whatever should be fine) and dissolve the tom yam cube into that puddle.

Then mix everything together:

While this is doing its thing, rinse the beans, and add them to the mix. Stir:

Good. Now move the mix into some other container, because we need the pan for other stuff - heating wraps:

(The package mentioned "15 seconds per side". Well, no. Or 10x 15 seconds on each side. I heat each wrap up substantially longer than 15 seconds. However, when it smells like pancake, perhaps dial down the crazy a bit.)

Put wrap onto something flat(tish), and put 1/6 of the rice/bean/egg/mushroom mix into the middle:

Add 1/6 of the lettuce, and 1/6 of the tomatoes:

Roll it up, to resemble something like this (hand-held works better, obviously):

Done, enjoy the meal :-)